Jonathan Ho

Day 351:
I still feel the exact same way I did when I first met this guy. It’s been 351 days since we became officially significant others and nothing has changed.
He can still swoon me with his amazing smile.
He can still impress me with his style.
He can still make me laugh and smile the way no one else can.
He is still someone I trust dearly.
He can still give me butterflies by kissing me.
I still feel that same spark that was there a year ago.
Being in college people say there are temptations and “you guys won’t last” but I completely disagree. I don’t want anyone else but Jonathan. He has my heart and I trust that he will keep is forever safe and secure. I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing what he does for me.
He is always there when I need him and always supports me in my decisions. He does things no one else would even think about doing and he pays attention to the little things. He has never disappointed me and nor will he ever.
I have probably been one of the absolute worst girlfriends at times and yet he hasn’t given up on me. He still loves me, how I don’t know, but I don’t want it stop.
He accepts me for who I am and what I am, and I love him for that!
I can’t wait to make him the proudest man someday.

Your Girlfriend,
Cipriana Sapien

— 2 weeks ago

Imagine having the most prized possession in the world.
What would you do with it?
How would you treat it?

The guy in all the pictures above is my most prized possession.
He is everything I am and want to be, he is my friend, protector, and lover. He is the most amazing guy you will ever meet and could ever interact with.
He is my everything and I would do anything for this guy, if that meant defending the world, smashing a Corvette, even saying no to something I love; all he has to do is tell me.
He should never have a frown on his face or a tear come down from his beautiful brown eyes.
He should be smiling with that stunning smile he has that makes every woman drool over.
His personality and endless fun should be showing, and he should have girls falling over him.
I am the luckiest girl to be able to wake up to those beautiful brown eyes and that smile that makes my heart melt. To wake up to the person I love most hugging me and giving me a kiss on my forehead.
I don’t know how I ended up with such an amazing guy but I did!
I wouldn’t trade that for the world!
I love this guy with all my heart and would do anything for him, and I hope he knows that!

— 1 month ago

Kristyana T 
Credit: Vyszo Photography


Kristyana T
Credit: Vyszo Photography

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I don’t know why I feel the way I do, I just do.
I don’t want to talk to anyone
Every thing anyone says is annoying
I guess I send mixed signals…
I just don’t want to be messed with anymore
I am tired of not knowing why I am upset
I am tired of getting pissed off
I am slowly getting tired of every

But then I know I will miss the stories to fall asleep to
The fact that someone is always there
The smile that you own
The way you say hello and goodbye
The animal sounds we make…

I am confused and want it to end…

— 4 months ago






I’m in fucking tears bruh

Lmao crying

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last night i found the most perfect christmas card of all time

i bought it, but i am keeping it for myself.

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"I should have kissed you longer."
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Baby I love you, and I am sorry for the mistakes I have made…. You are my everything, you are the reason why my earth turns. No other man could see you the way I do, and no other man could ever love you the way I do. The way my teeth escape my mouth as that of light that reflects off the moon shining to the world. Only exposed when you are around and when I think of you. If that was so then the sun would never rise, and the bright moon would light the sky. The world would be dark without you in it, no possible way to live without the light you summon. Not only do I love you I couldn’t live without you. I love thinking of what the future holds for us and the mighty memories we have in store. Adventures at every second as if we were Super or Wonder, holding the key to each others cities never having to fight alone. I will never let your cities go to ruins as I will act as a support a Keeper to your precious city. Trusting you will do the same, for I have no doubt that my city is in good hands. The sun will never rise again as there are many criminals to fight, knowing no criminal will ever be too tough to beat. They are just testing our strength, but knowing us: we will prevail.

I love you baby with all my heart, I promise i will never stop fighting <3


— 5 months ago

I cannot possibly put into words how much I love this guy! He has been there for me so many times when no one else would dare to be there. He calls multiple time even after I ignore him because I am sorrowful or full of rage and that really stands out to me. How many people do you know that after the first three times of going to voicemail they would continue to call? I thank this guy for all he does for and I can’t wait til I get to be his life more than I already am! He makes my heart jump and my stomach drop and my mouth extend in a smile from ear to ear every time I see or hear his voice. There are not many guys like him in our world and I am glad I have one of the few that are out there. Thank you Jonathan for everything that you have done for me! It doesn’t go unnoticed I promise! Just wait til I can give you the world and more, trust me I will work every day in my life to give you the universe! I love you baby and thank you for every thing!
The Luckiest Girl in the World!

— 5 months ago
History Repeats Itself….

I never asked you to be anyone else, it shouldn’t matter if you aren’t Anthony Lee. You are Jonathan Ho, the one I love, but I guess you never see that through all the hype about watching a guy dance. I am not disappointed that you gave up that lifestyle, I just feel like I was the proactive person that made that lifestyle change. I just want you to be happy, but as usual I can never get that right. I hope you can see that I don’t care if you aren’t like this guy or you aren’t like this anymore, or you don’t do this or that; that no matter what I fell in love with you for who you are not what you are. I don’t expect you to change your life for anyone, not even me. I am sorry I make it seem like you aren’t appreciated or aren’t wanted.

Like I said, this isn’t the first time I have messed something great up; it just repeats every week or so… I am slowly getting used to it…

Have a great night and I hope you can find someone who makes you happy and doesn’t make you feel like you need to change… as for now… you are kind of stuck with me.. sorry.

From a disappointing girl.

— 5 months ago
I’m Sorry

I’m sorry I can’t compare to an Anthony Lee or ever meet your expectation. I’m sorry I have given up a lifestyle that I thought you would appreciate, I now see that you want my difficult lifestyle back and I’ll be glad to give it to you. The taste of meat still disgust me anyways….. But I’m sorry that I can’t make you cheese the way someone else can…. Anthony Lee is an excellent dancer though…. You know what, I’m sorry I can’t be the person you want me to be, but I offer my realness to you. I love when you cheese so I will make sure you do so everyday, I love watching videos because that inspires me everyday to try harder to be better. I just hate to hear a disappointed tone in your voice and it kill me every time, It does inspire me to try harder though. I’m sorry i disappoint you and don’t reach your expectation, this is just another task on my checklist to accomplish. The most important task right now, is to get enough to spend at Tiffany&co.

I’m sorry, from the person who cares the most about you! I just want you to be the happiest you can possible be.

— 5 months ago

I know things get hard and you want to quit. I know you over think some things when there is no need to. Baby we are both insecure on a lot of the same topics, it is just something we have to work together on to get rid of.
Baby you are my Superman and I love you!!
I know you don’t feel like my Superman, but trust me you rescue me from the world a lot of the times. You are the person that I am able to talk to when no one else will listen, the person I can share my feelings and opinions with and not have to worry about judgment.
Our love grows stronger every day, and you ask me the question, “Why does our love grow stronger, or more every day?”
I personally don’t think that our love growing all the time, every day is weird. I think it is TRUE LOVE.
Our love grows stronger every day and it is because we tell each other everything, from our ugly past to our hilarious embarrassments even to our random comments and mishaps every day.
I love you because of everything that you are. There are so many reasons why I love you, I honestly cannot put them into words though.  I wish I could… but the list would go on forever. I will tell you as the years go by and you can laugh all you want but they will all be true.
Baby, you’re my Superman and supposedly I am your Wonder Woman.
All the photos above share our story, or what our story will be like and I smile every time I look at them.
I hope you have the same reaction and the same feeling of love as I do, when I look at them. Hopefully you see our story in them. 

— 5 months ago

Cipriana Ho,

         I have said this to you to many times but sometimes i feel i need to emphasize this but I LOVE YOU! I can’t help but to feel this butterflies in my stomach when I think about you and all that you do for me. Characterizing you would not be easy, for you have some many personality traits that make you wonderful. Words feel to simple to describe the complexity you have to offer, for I would do anything for you and your love. I have been really into my emotions recently because I become nervous of losing you…. And lately I can’t handle that feeling because I am now realizing how much I love you. I love the conversations we come up with or the talks about our future. Those conversations lift my head up during the long treacherous hours I spend without you. Our lives have been a sail boat cruising the ocean not knowing where the waves will take us. Rocking of the boat has swayed us off course but we seem to pull out the compass and find our way home. I will continue this tomorrow. <3

— 5 months ago
I could never hate you.

Not even after all the arguments we had. The pointless fights. The assumptions. The misunderstandings. The broken promises. The accusing of each other. The sleepless nights. The tears. The bullshit. None of that will ever make me hate you.

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